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Yoga And My Journey Of Healing

I am new to yoga, I had done some yoga before and I thought I had an understanding of what yoga meant, I really didn’t. I felt that I needed to get back on the mat… I was quite literally

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NuPower Yoga

The House of Yoga is excited to be exclusively offering NuPower Yoga in the UK.

IMG_9891NuPower Yoga is a new yoga revolution that incorporates weight training and cardio bursts into the traditional Power

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Pointing Your Ship By Being Present

Presence is bliss. You can’t be haunted by the past and distracted by the future if you live in the present. Now there are so many idioms describing this thing called presence. It’s not a a

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My Take On Vitality

Hello All, that means everyone, whether or not you practice yoga or wouldn’t even know what a yoga mat looks like, this is about you.
I practice yoga, have done for about six years, now doing my teacher training…… Am

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Finding Equanimity

Equanimity- Calmness and composure, especially in a difficult situation, presence of mind.

What does it mean to me and how have I been bringing it into my daily life in the past couple of months.


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Courageous. Who, me?


written by, Katy Farley

There are many words you could use to describe me, introverted, shy, kind hearted, atelophobic, yep, one word to say

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What space means to me by Juliet Dennis

Space …

If you’d asked me what space meant to me a year ago, I would have immediately thought – physical space – a space to be on my own, to isolate myself, to run away. Space was one dimensional, something that one

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A Lesson from Two Birds by Rachael Haylock

Yesterday evening after a long shift at work I walked to the river to watch the sun cast its last rays of the day over the Thames. It was 7:30pm and the beginning of dusk. The sun was creating long shadows

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Community @ THoY – Raising Awareness by Zara Pittman

ThoY Outreach is a project that aims to encourage well-being in the community, through targeting those who may struggle with access. Reasons for this may include:
– Working Hours
– Ability
– Confidence
– Age
– Responsibilities

Awareness- Listen to your Body

Malin Johansson

Inner-awareness, or interoceptive awareness, is the ability to sense what is happening inside our body at any given time. Our bodies do not use words to communicate with us. It doesn’t stop us in our tracks and

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