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Yoga Nidra Workshop

Unwind your week and experience complete physical, mental and emotional relaxation with our Yoga Nidra Workshop. In Yoga Nidra (yoga meaning union and nidra meaning sleep) attention is focused inwards and away from the outside world. You induce a beautiful state of complete conscious relaxation, a state between wakefulness and sleep. Yoga Nidra is a technique which is used to awaken the divine within you and takes you on a path to Samadhi (the eighth and final limb of yoga). In this powerful place you can direct the mind so that you can embrace new healthy ways of being, restore your health from the inside out and leave behind unwanted habits. This state induced by Yoga Nidra is the source of your creativity in life – all the answers you need are held within you and you can realise your true nature.

This workshop will begin with a gentle Vinyasa practice to open up the channels of your heart and rest the mind. You will then lie back and enjoy the beauty and power of Yoga Nidra guided by Kylie.

Come along and experience relaxation like no other. Book early to ensure your space in this popular workshop.

Facilitator: Rachel Richardson

Assistant: Emma Saunders

Investment: £30 (10% discount for members)

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